Thinking out of the mailbox

Innovation simply delivered

InPost is a courier company that – over a dozen years ago – became a challenger to Poczta Polska, the national postal monopolist. It became a household name recognized for its innovative character. Over the years, the company has grown considerably. Currently, its business model is based on classic courier services and parcel delivery to parcel lockers. It is the largest operator of these iconic machines in Poland, with a network of over 5000 devices. Although InPost has continued introducing new services and innovative logistics solutions, its image has lost the freshness associated with new and upcoming brands. We were tasked with reinventing the company’s image as that of a bold innovator and of imbuing the brand with energy characteristic of start-ups.


Thinking out of the box

We wanted to bring back the thinking-out-of-the-box feel that characterized the company since its inception. Putting focus back on its innovative roots seemed ideal for a company known for inventive ways of delivering parcels (… delivering boxes). We could not interfere with the logo, so we focused on creating a new, bold and unconventional (sharp, crispy) visual language. The central element of the logo, and the brand heroine called Paczucha (a Polish diminutive for ‘parcel’), was affected by the stale feel of the brand. We returned the parcel to the sender (so to speak), introducing Mat, a new character to take her place. He replaced the old heroine, becoming the new face of InPost. Mat is the quintessence of the brand it represents. He has a magnetic personality, inspires confidence, is technologically savvy and opts for simple solutions. This nice guy can be found in almost every new InPost advertisement.

Positive spirit and visual courage

Although the brand colors have remained yellow and black, its character has changed significantly. The aim is to be interesting and bold. This is largely due to the new, kinetic typography, custom-applied, e.g. on new uniforms designed for couriers. The inspiration came from fashion trends rather than work clothes styles…

Walk your talk

Yet, the most important change is the impact the new identity has had on the company’s organizational culture. We are seeing InPost getting back on track, being consistent in form and action. It is truly a brand that keeps reinventing itself.

Transform Awards winner !

This project won the gold price for « best visual identity for the logistics and transport sector » category at the Transform Awards ceremony.