Kopenhagen Soul Good

Good to taste and good for health

Shifting trends

In recent years, the food market in Brazil has been shifting. A new audience has emerged, made up of Millennials and Generation Z, who are looking for a balance between health and pleasure. To them, a healthy lifestyle is not based on exercise and clean diet alone, but is also filled with pleasure – including chocolates, snacks and other indulgences.

Striking a balance

Aware of this changing landscape, Kopenhagen has created a new range of healthy chocolates that maintains the brand’s irresistible, traditional flavour, yet with more cocoa, a “clean” formula and without artificial ingredients.

But how to develop a visual identity that would carry the attributes of quality, sophistication, healthy lifestyle and indulgence?

Soul Good

The name we created, Soul Good, is descriptive and memorable, emphasising the brand’s message.
The logo brings shine and sophistication with its gold colour, yet also remains accessible to everyday consumers with its hand-written typography.
The predominant dark grey tone adds sophistication to Soul Good, while gold highlights the ingredients and the other colours bring the lightness and softness of the clean formula.
Finally, hand-drawn cocoa pods, beans and leaves in gold, refer to the natural elements, as the chocolates are presented in a modern and light way, aiming to generate curiosity and desire.