The awakening of our tabletop pop icon

Since 1945, Duralex tumblers and plates have been made of tempered glass: they wobble without shattering, stacking up happily. The designs are popular. Manufacturing is 100% French.

Duralex becomes legendary at home, in the canteen, in the bistro, in France and in America.

Duralex wins prestigious awards, enters the MoMA in New York and the Elysée in Paris.

Then it fell asleep.

In 2022, DRAGON ROUGE and the MAISON FRANÇAISE DU VERRE decided to revive Duralex. The logo was liberated and colorful.

The packaging is modernized. Simple and minimalist. Pure and joyful.

The collections are complemented by refrigerator containers and even oven dishes, as durable as ever.

100% French culture. 100% French manufacturing.

Duralex is back on every table,

For everyone, every day, forever!


A fresh, streamlined logo

The original form of the name has been preserved, perpetuating the brand's heritage while simplifying it and making it more legible, propelling it into a new era.

An ode to French origin

To accentuate the perception of the brand’s French origins, we created a color palette inspired by the tricolor flag, but with an original twist: the traditional blue becomes electric and the red lights up in an orange hue, adding a modern, vibrant breath to the whole.

The logo proudly reads: „Made in France, since 1945”. This choice of language intentionally blends English and French, underscoring Duralex’s deeply French heritage, while saluting its international ambition.

Modernity, impact and elegance

The brand universe has been transformed to emanate unprecedented modernity, strong impact and French elegance.

We have meticulously crafted each element to resonate with the quality and popularity of duralex.

Minimal yet powerful identity assets

We have chosen to highlight key elements of our identity:


  • The color palette, a bold and distinctive sign of the brand.
  • The play of typography – the use of big shoulders, bold and dominant for headlines, contrasts superbly with the subtlety and elegance of ibm plex serif used in everyday texts.
  • The refreshed logo, which remains the brand’s central emblem.
  • A unique illustrative style, inspired by the original drawings of master glassmakers, echoing the art and know-how of duralex.