Shaping the future of connectivity in Asia

EDOTCO is a leading telco infrastructure company with operations across nine countries in Asia.


In 2022 EDOTCO’s renewed its business vision and strategy, and thus the brand identity needed to be overhauled to signal the change. Their old logo was often mistaken for an environmental or recycling initiative, due to the placement of the ‘dot’, an issue that undermined EDOTCO’s leadership position in the telco industry


Through a process of collaborative workshopping with EDOTCO leadership, we defined a new brand purpose and positioning: accelerating equitable access to the next generation connectivity in Asia. We further articulated new brand values and personality attributes.


Today the new brand identity uses a bold and modern wordmark which asserts EDOTCO’s leadership. The set of 3 new brand icons conveys a story of the digital transformation that connectivity enables.


The identity system created by Dragon Rouge has brought more gravitas and authority to the brand, and it has built Edotco’s relevance as a company that ultimately enables not only connectivity but also digital transformation.