Refreshing an
iconic brand

A new brand identity

Ricqlès, the French peppermint essential oil specialist, has been charming consumers in France since 1838. Its unique formula allows the true properties of peppermint to come to life in its products. In recent years, the brand has gained success in Hong Kong. Believing the region held promising potential for the mad-about-mint brand, the Ricqlès team decided to create a new design for Ricqlès 180 years anniversary. Indeed the brand’s image hadn’t evolved in decades and it was time to rejuvenate the brand identity. Ricqlès seized the opportunity and called on us to strengthen its brand proposition, build a robust brand strategy and design a minty fresh visual identity.


A breath of fresh air

Inspired by what we learned from consumer research, we positioned the brand as “the natural strength of French peppermint to soothe modern life’s daily discomforts. Refresh the body and relax the mind”. Centred around this new idea, the brand identity was crafted to reference the premium visual codes of the sophisticated cosmetics industry. The new look evokes freshness, relaxation and efficacy while paying tribute to its French origin.

A close collaboration

Our Singapore and Shanghai agencies worked closely to devise an updated strategy and positioning as well as the new packaging and communication campaign. Together we brought a completely fresh look to this iconic French brand. With the brand’s rejuvenated positioning, distinctive heritage and exceptional benefits, Ricqlès is attracting a new generation of consumers. Let’s make mint modern again!