the professional skincare industry

Skinbiotics heart beats for beauty and a healthy and active lifestyle. Fusioning pre- and probiotics with the best out of green superfoods, Skinbiotic is redefining skincare. And this passion for beauty is just addicting: Kale yeah, we love broccoli!

Making a difference

The new visual identity connects beauty addicts worldwide, both online and offline. While communicating in a completely different and catchy way, the naming and design communicates the brand’s mission in a cheeky fashion, just like the motto “Get high on beauty!”.


The brand is targeting active, health-conscious consumer groups with this modern approach. The innovative skincare products cater to specific needs and are individually customised for each and everybody. That’s the new way of hacking.

Getting high on beauty

We concentrated on creating a clean and pure design, that would enhance the value of superfoods. Contemporary, fresh and eye-catching design elements open up a world that addresses young men and women looking for a new experience in skincare. These elements were created intended to be striking and to attract attention on beauty salon shelves as well as in the digital world. A real game-changer!