The epitome of coffee excellence

Launched in the early 80s, Carte Noire has created a revolution in France in the world of coffee by offering a high quality and balanced pure Arabica coffee, with a unique taste. From the design of a sophisticated package, inspired by the world of perfume, to the espresso capsule revealing intensities, Carte Noire has continued to innovate since its creation. Today it is a powerful and widely established brand on the market since it has become the quality reference.

Entering a new world of coffee

The speaking of the brand was the same whatever the categories (ground, beans, capsules and pods) and targets, in a changing market (diversification of uses, blends, experiences). Carte Noire therefore wanted to be more attentive to the expectations of consumers and adapt its offer according to their different profiles. The brand is thus changing: from an unambiguous and traditional world to a multiple world, Carte Noire has reinvented itself to remain the reference of the new coffee world.

The metamorphosis

Thus, Carte Noire repositioned itself by embodying “the most beautiful colors of black”. She rejuvenates her image by reviewing its visual identity and attributes. Dragon Rouge accompanies the brand in this metamorphosis with designs embodying a true versatility of tastes and uses. The pillar product becomes the flagship; the light is put on its product superiority and its unique taste. We have also developed new brand assets highlighting the expertise of the master roaster. Thus, Carte Noire regains its position as a referent on the market by initiating new graphic and sensory codes.

Carte Noire continues innovating and creating territories


Carte Noire is innovating by positioning itself on the segment of capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto.
With mouth-watering product visuals and a great variety of bold and bright colors, Carte Noire is bolstering its position, which sets the brand apart from its competitors, builds a strong identity with inspiration from the pop and arty world.
“The most beautiful shades of black” are now expressed on packaging with patterns that are unique and reflect each product variety.

Black & Classy

Carte Noire is back on the instant coffee shelf with a desire to innovate by operating a premiumization of the category codes.
We took inspiration from the nomadic use of instant coffee to design a generous mug-shaped container.
All the coffee’s warmth and sensuality are revealed by the gradiant color design of this iconic object. The precision, the expertise of Carte Noire’s master roaster, the timeless, statutory positioning of the Classic range are translated into simplicity.