Edouard VII

Revealing the potential of a business center that is a little too conventional

Towards a new "business center" experience

Located in the heart of Paris, close to the prestigious Parisian scenes, the Edouard VII Centre is a privileged destination for business.
We accompanied SFL and Arpège in the design of the places. Our mission consisted of revaluing the business center, giving it a soul and offering a user experience that meets the best Parisian standards.
We decided to wake up the place by thinking of it in a scenic way, like a theatre that would highlight the actors of the business of today and tomorrow.

A place that highlights the history of the city as well as that of its protagonists

In regard to its identity, we were inspired by the architectural environment of the Centre, located under Henri Paul Nénot’s stone arches. The arch, with its architectural symbolism, becomes the central benchmark for the identity of this new concept, as well as for the interior signage.

Business Stage

For the interior, we shed light on the codes of the theatre to create an atmosphere that is both immersive and attractive, while playing with lighting to enhance the spaces.

As events unfold, the stage reinvents itself as a theatre stage… Furniture, decorative elements and lighting have been carefully chosen to create a homogeneous space, without requiring a complete overhaul in case of customization by the punctual tenants of the place.

The modularity and flexibility of changing and adapting spaces (such as theatre scenes) create an experience that invites users to personalize.

The actors of economic life have found their stage. The place has found a soul that seduces customers and the space is enhanced.