Giving meaning to the Central Bank’s role in Guinea’s development

Unlocking its full potential

The BCRG, the bank of banks in Guinea, has been ensuring the country’s financial stability for nearly 60 years, all the while developing solutions to support its growth and help it become one of the rising stars of the global economy.
On the eve of its 60th anniversary, the central bank plans on shaping its new brand strategy to address a double issue: establishing its reputation and image and, above all, giving meaning to the role of the BCRG in Guinea’s development.

Enlightening its actions

After having completely immersed ourselves in Guinea for a while, we came to realize that the BCRG’s actions are not well understood by the Guinean civil society. It appeared clearly that there was a desperate need to craft a strong message, both clarifying the role of the BCRG and emphasizing its local, regional and global actions towards Guinean development, to address civil society (companies and citizens) as well as international financial institutions.

The influence of Guinzé

The new logo shows the BCRG’s economic influence, exemplified by the deployment of Guinzé rods (ancestral currency in Guinea) in a very organized and symmetrical way, representing the rigorous structural dimension of the institution.
The Guinzé is an original typography that was created to form all the central bank’s major messages.

Develop trust, secure the future

We suggested a new positioning: “Acting for Trust”. The new signature, “Develop trust, secure the future”, emphasizes the central bank’s commitment to constant progress and transparency. It also illustrates the central bank’s key role in making a change in Guinea by fighting poverty, accelerating financial inclusion, and supporting economic development.

A cultural and local identity

The uniqueness of this new identity lies in its strong cultural and local roots. It both relies on and enhances the country’s heritage. Nevertheless, it also conforms to the sector’s graphical prerequisites in order to ensure the BCRG’s authority and respectability. It conveys the image of a greatly modern central bank, one that is able to make things happen. An ability that means a lot in this country.

Enhancing Guinean culture

The brand codes are also inspired by cultural elements such as the patterns of the Sacred Forest, derived from local craftsmanship and inspired by the colors of Africa, green and ochre. To bring this new brand territory to life and help the BCRG enrich its storytelling, we created a whole library of pictograms, frames and illustrations.

Informing in real time

It was necessary to globally reshape the brand’s digital experience through a media website featuring all of Guinea’s economic information, e.g. main financial indicators such as the key lending rate and inflation rates in real time. Its design, taking on transversal brand codes, reflects the institution’s rigorous and modern approach.

Managing change

Designing a new branding strategy is good but bringing it to life is better. We have mobilized all internal resources in order to get collaborators to endorse the project and to install markers that will ensure its continuity. For example, we advised the BCRG on the creation of a communication department, an integrated studio and an in-house printing plant, and the implementation of a full-fledged communication strategy.