Perrier, the world’s top sparkling mineral water brand, recognises that design plays a key role in connecting the brand to the next generation of fans. From packaging to brand world, from activation to events, from supermarkets to café terraces, design is essential.  Since Perrier’s creation in 1863, this is the first time that a single design has expressed the brand from Europe to America and Asia.

A symbol of the aesthetic and eccentric French way-of-living recognized across the world, the Art Nouveau style of the typography has been re-designed for more elegance and purity.


The fusion of air and water represents Perrier’s unmatched energising force, while the surging bubbles brings excitement and life.  A dynamism always under pressure sets the pattern for all the packaging whatever the size.


An activation campaign rolls out the new 24/7 strategy: declaring Perrier’s stable superiority — enjoy it plain or in a cocktail, with family, on-the-go, socialising with friends at home or out on the town.


A new visual asset, the Perrier essence, has been created: The ‘P’ captures all the artistic, trendy and aspirational spirit of Perrier. Cafes, hotels, and restaurants promote and nurture Perrier’s iconic status. Contemporary and creative, it adorns stylish objects, chic goodies and Perrier furniture.
We have been working together with Dragon Rouge Paris head office for more than 15 years on numerous design projects for various brands. They have consistently demonstrated great passion for design, creativity and great professionalism. I particularly appreciate their ability to listen carefully to their client’s needs and their ability to guide us in uncertain times. Design is not a science. Ultimately we collaborated closely on Perrier masterbrand repositioning. The agency team members, lead by the global Paris team and in co-creation with local Dragon Rouge teams in Shanghai, Sao Paulo and New York, greatly contributed to the discussion, demonstrating their understanding of how global brands must be managed. Dragon Rouge then successfully turned the new strategy into a powerful creative and branding system. 18 months later, after successful packaging test and implementation we are now enjoying our new design on shelf in North America, Europe and soon in Asia Arnaud Tillon Global Brand Director Perrier

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