Sobieski, the second vodka brand in France, is equally popular in its homeland Poland, and just as powerful in the US, with different positioning and identity in each country. We managed to invent one and only global brand platform that resonates with each of the local cultures. Indeed, consumers of Sobieski around the globe share one commonality: a love for simple & beautiful products that tell a genuine story. That is why we chose to create a completely transparent design that recounts the true story of Poland’s most iconic king, John III Sobieski (1629–1696).



To tell the truth, one must know the truth – and the truth can be multi-faceted. On one hand side, King John III Sobieski was the most illustrious Polish warriors of all time who won some of his country’s largest battles with his army of Winged Hussars. On the other hand side, he was a poet madly in love with Frenchwoman Marie Casimire. He was also a music-lover, connoisseur of foreign cultures and traditions, and fascinated by exotic animals. We created the synoptic of his life, blending his powerful public image as a hero with the more personal yet genuine side of the man himself. That synoptic plays a central role in the minimalist style of the design. It is engraved into the glass, wrapping completely around the base of the newly designed bottle.


We reinvented the look and feel of the brand: the proprietary red colour combined with the white, echo the colours of the Polish flag. The new logo is contemporary and bold. In reinventing its design, Sobieski tells a great story of authentic, power, simplicity, and contemporary nature on the occasion of its re-launch (currently underway all over the world).

La rénovation d’une marque est toujours un moment délicat : construire sans détruire, séduire de nouveaux consommateurs sans aliéner les fidèles, fédérer les équipes et conduire le changement. Dans cette aventure, la collaboration avec Dragon Rouge fut féconde, énergisante et enthousiasmante, avec un accompagnement complet de la phase stratégique à l’application design, en passant par le suivi technique pour le lancement des productions. Une valeur ajoutée unique! Eline Madrona Global Category Marketing Director for Liqueurs & White Spirits
Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits


Welcome to the house party

Some activations were also needed to strengthen the new social media positioning. Now, Sobieski is a content creator, falling in line with its target’s expectations, habits and language to generate conversation.

Welcome to the Sobieski “House Party”:
– Real moments
– Real interviews
– Real drinks
– Real people
– Real music
– Real dancing