Capturing the gift of emotion

NTV7, one of Malaysia's most loved tv channels, needed to reconnect with its young urban Malay audience and asked us to turn it into the ultimate entertainment, inspiration and enjoyment channel.



Media Prima – Malaysia’s largest media company with leading properties in television, digital, print and outdoor – faced a challenge: how to give their television channel brands more momentum in the digital age. As is the case in most parts of the world, urban connected consumers in Malaysia have been shifting their viewing habits from linear television to on-line services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, across smart mobile devices.



Our mission was to re-invent Media Prima’s flagship TV brands: NTV7, TV3, 8TV and TV9 to increase their relevance and appeal to the new breed of on-line consumers. We developed a new portfolio strategy, re-positioning each brand to target a specific viewer segment. The new positionings intentionally blurred the line between linear and digital in order to give the TV brands “street creds” in the digital world and make it easier for them to transition to streamed on-demand content.




The most radical re-branding was for NTV7, a long-time favourite among Malaysian audiences. It was totally re-positioned and underwent a content overhaul to target a more aspirational, urban Malay audience. This meant the brand had to be re-invented to place it at the vanguard of the portfolio – the most fresh, bold and playful of the bunch.


The new brand idea for NTV7 is captured in the tagline ‘FEEL IT!’ NTV7 believes that entertainment is the gift of emotion, so it promises viewers ‘experience without limits’. Owning emotion gave NTV7 a distinct personality and tone of voice which we translated into an edgy, digital-ready visual identity that has disrupted the traditional television landscape in the country and re-engaged younger audiences.

This results of the re-branding of Media Prima’s TV properties were an affirmation to the senior management that television is not dead… it is moving into an exciting new digital era!