Promoting access to healthcare solutions around the world is more than a duty, it is an obligation, a conviction. A state of mind that the UbiPharm Group embodies in its daily actions, by uniting several generations of pharmacists around an innovative pharmacist-shareholder model.

The UbiPharm Group now plays a fundamental role in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products in Africa
supply chain in Africa and French overseas territories.
With its five areas of expertise, the Group has been able to develop and become an essential link in the access to health products, while meeting the societal and economic challenges of the countries where it operates.

We helped the UbiPharm group and its subsidiaries in the 17 countries where it is present to define their strategy, their discourse and their new identity, and thus affirm its position as a strategic partner of the pharmaceutical industry
et maillon essentiel de la distribution du médicament en Afrique et dans les DROM.


promote access to healthcare solutions around the world.


a symbol reflecting the group's DNA

The new logo is inspired by the shape of a heart and the cross of health. Its composition echoes the Group’s values and DNA: pharmaceuticals, medicines, the resolutely human aspect, Africa and the French overseas departments and territories, and finally the Group’s new positioning “UP”.

Highly symbolic, this new logo aims to unite all the Group’s employees behind a single, easily recognizable sign.

In order to restructure the foundations of the Group created 30 years ago, and to ensure coherence and cohesion between its different entities, we redefined the Group's brand strategy, revolving around the new Group brand signature:

"Health at hand, now."

This signature tells the story of the Group's original business and its mission, which is to make health accessible to all, at all times. It expresses UbiPharm's agility, leadership and proximity.



On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the Group wanted to highlight its ambitions for the coming years and pay tribute to the men and women who built UbiPharm.

For this purpose, we have created a program: “Now, acting for the future of healthcare”. This program aims to bring together various stakeholders around a common objective: to promote access to healthcare solutions in Africa and the French overseas territories.