Cultivate the emotions of the races

Create the first brand of the horse industry

The French horse industry (France Galop, LeTROT, the National Federation of Equine Races, Equidia and the PMU) has the strategic objective of reviving horse racing which suffers from the disaffection of the general public.
To develop the attractiveness of this sector, a decision was made to create a common brand in order to put horse racing back in the heart of the French population.

At the same time, the actors of the sector created the first horse racing competition that would bring together the 14 best French horse races of trot and gallop, within the same circuit to raise awareness of this sporting event.


Embody all the horse culture

It was a question of building a new brand to reconquer the public and invite them to participate in a new heroic adventure of modern times, unifying man and horse. A new epic horse race where all the senses would be in action to enliven emotions thanks to an experience beyond the races.

The new brand embodies the entire horse culture through an identity inspired by the codes of cossacks, specific to the horse racing environment. The identity had to tell a story to federate and bring a new breath to the spectacular sport of horse racing.

EpiqE Series, brand affiliate, was also created to bring communication around the competition, the true “champions league” of the horse races.



A name that plunges us into the imagination of races

The sound of the name, close to “equestrian”, carries the promise of a spectacular and extraordinary experience. EpiqE Series was the name that would decidedly communicate the excitement and competition of the horse races of the “champions league”.

• name created in collaboration with Joosnabhan

Since its inception, the brand has established itself in the horse industry thus, aligning the various players while creating a strong visibility and impact around its events, including a customer journey completely renewed. The brand has established itself on digital platforms with more than 600 million contacts on social networks for EpiqE Series.

We also won a Bronze award in the "Global Design" category at the Grands Prix Stratégies and a Silver Clio Sports Award in New York.