Launching a new open industry platform for the legal world

Creating visibility for a start up

We created the entire Lupl brand from scratch – positioning, name, visual identity and tone of voice. Built on the concept of visibility and recognising the human side of legal work, we created a brand both practical and playful. A vivid brand that very intentionally breaks from the traditional style the legal world is used to.

Seamless information and joined up communication

Lupl came to us as a technology start up with a clear idea for a digital platform that the legal services world desperately needs but with no brand at all – no name, no identity and no voice. Lupl, created by a consortium of leading global law firms, will provide the legal world with a place to pool together all communications and information on different legal matters, making the work between lawyers and clients seamless.


Clear visibility

The key concept for the brand positioning was Visibility. This informed both the mission, “to create a real-time 360 degree view of your matters”, and the brand identity – verbal, visual and experiential. Other characteristics like humanising
the legal world, removing friction and bringing everything together into one place were also key.

Staying in the loop

We explored a variety of warm, playful, unexpected names. Lupl is inspired by Visibility, and being “in the loop”. It is fluid and smooth, and fits well in the tech vernacular.

Playing with a sense of discovery

The visual identity was inspired by Visibility and built on the idea of layering, which creates a sense of discovery and the ability to show big picture complexity and zoom in to specific details to provide clarity – all which play on benefits that the tech platform provides.

Human touch and tone

We wanted to give what is a tech platform a visually more human, handcrafted feel and a distinctive tone of voice.
The bright, positive colour palette and paper cut illustrations differentiate from the legal and tech world norms and whilst clear and easy to understand, the voice has character and charm. It feels personal, and provides a knowing wink to the world the user lives in.